Colourful Abstracts by Wassily Kandinsky

Hello all, I am so tired that I think I might sleep for several days!

I’ve just returned from my parent’s house where we had our annual family gathering (Hari Raya celebration). We try to do this annually but sometimes not many people turn up coz everyone is busy doing their own thing. But this year is different, almost everyone came. My aunties, uncles, cousins, nephew, you name it, they all came! “Boy” it was fun after such a long time not seeing or meeting my cousins and nephews. We had so much food and drink coz each family bring food from their home for others to enjoy. We talked, told stories, made jokes and even sang together. I can say that I haven’t had this much fun with my families and relatives for a long time. I really had a wonderful and colourful Hari Raya gathering this year and hope next year will be the same or even better!

Still in a celebration and colourful mood and after eating all that colourful food. I’ve decided to post some colourful paintings. These painting are from the artist Wassily Kandinsky and here is his biography.

Wassily Kandinsky was born in Moscow, 1866 and died on 1944. Kandinsky was a Synaesthete. He sees sound as colour and vice versa. His colour theory bordered his own interpretations and visual impressions become almost paranormal qualities. His shocking paintings always seemed to stir controversy which is now considered as abstract art….enjoy!

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Joyful Art by Georgia O’Keeffe

A day to be joyful for all Muslim around the world!!!

Today is Hari Raya, it’s the start of the new month Shawal in the Islam calendar. Hari Raya is celebrated after the month of Ramadan in which all Muslims (who are capable of) are required to puasa (fast). It’s a bit sad that the month Ramadhan have ended coz in this month all good deed are given twice the pahala (credit) as compared to what one get in any other month. I really hope I ‘ll be given the change to see next Ramadan.

Hari Raya is the time to ask for forgiveness from family, relatives and friends for all the wrong things done and to start fresh….so I would like to take this chance to ask forgiveness from all of my readers. May you all be blessed by GOD!! ..

For this entry I would like to feature a woman artist. She is non other than the famous Georgia O’Keeffe and here is her biography.

Georgia was born in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin in the year 1887 and died on 1986. She studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago, Art Student League’s Outdoor at Lake George, New York and University of Virginia, in Charlottesville. She also spent some years teaching art at Columbia College in South Carolina, before becoming a serious painter. Here are a few of her artworks….Enjoy

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The brave cat

Today on my way back home from work I saw this cute white Persian cat in a car next to mine. I can see the cat clearly coz the car and mine had to stop at a traffic light The thing that astonished me most was that the cat was standing on the back seat and looking out the window as if it was sight seeing. I’ve seen dogs doing it but not a cat coz most cats are too afraid and even hide under the car seat.

Well that’s one clever and brave kitty and I wonder if it can bark also…heheh… So today’s post is dedicated to the brave warrior cat and the owner (who ever you are). But the funny thing is that I can’t find any nice painting on cats , most are abstract painting which I don’t think the cat will agree with, lol…

So I have chosen these paintings on animals instead. These painting are by Lee Man Fong which I think you guys are familiar with (read my other posting on Lee Man Fong)……Enjoy

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Rembrandt van Rijn’s brilliant works

Brilliant, marvelous and genius! That’s what I said when I first saw these three painting. There are many famous painters that have certain style and method in painting his or her artworks. But this painter likes his work to have a composition of dark background and that makes his subject seems illuminated and three dimensional (don’t you think so?).

I’m not an art expert but that is what I see when I look at these three masterpieces. Rembrandt van Rijn was the artist that drew these painting. He was born in Netherlands and lived from 1606 to 1669.

Brilliant, marvelous and genius right?……Enjoy !

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