Swedish Artists – Bukowskis International Art

For me nothing would be more fun and exciting then if I could attend a painting exhibition just like the  Bukowskis Contemporary Art Auction: Swedish Artists – International Art which will be held on from the 10-15 November which is then followed by an auction on the 16 November. What’s more, the auction will feature truly gifted painters and artists from Sweden.

The Largest Nordic Auction for Contemporary Art and Photography, Bukowskis is also a great marketplace for Andy Warhol, Antony Gormley, Irving Penn and Richard Avedon. Bukowskis is a Nordic leading art business as they offer international hammer auction and they also have an online support auctions where you can bid online and they even offer Private Sales. Their headquarter is located in Stockholm with branches in Helsinki, Gothenburg and Malmo and have representatives from all around Europe, USA and even Asia.

During the exhibition, there will be paintings, sculptors, mix-media and photography works from artists like the famous Jockum Nordström, Maria Friberg, Nathalie Djurberg and many more. Many of their works have been represented from renowned art houses like the David Zwirner Gallery and Zach Feuer Gallery. There are also some that have had their works exhibited in exhibitions such as Nathalie Djurberg’s at the Italian Pavilion at the Biennale in Venice. Well if you’re an art lover and like to have a preview of all the art works, you can visit them by clicking the link above or if you’re lucky and have the opportunity to be at the exhibition and auction will be better still as it will be a truly grand event.


Maria Friberg

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Modern Abstract At It’s Best

Hello all, like what you see? Like abstract style with vibrant colors? Well I do, I love it. This is what I call examples of modern abstract art at its best! And this is only a preview painting that will be display at his NYC Chelsea Show 2011 to come. Wondering who the artist is? He is non than the artist who loves classical music and Rioja wine, Dr Marko Stout. I wrote Dr as he really is one. Besides being a contemporary New York City artist he also holds a degree in medicine, biology and psychology with undergraduate studies in fine art. To see more of his abstract work, know more about him and to contact him you can visit the artist at Marko Stout website or better still if you could attend his show and meet him in person.


Back to the abstract painting, to me it’s not just the vibrant colors but it’s also the tone and lines that seems to be taking his abstract paintings to a new minimalist direction but still with a strikingly contemporary look. Maybe this is also due to the artist living in New Your and being influenced by its surroundings and energy. But most of all I love his abstract as they all seem to be rather very symbolic in nature like the above painting

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Alphonse Mucha Biography And Works

Hello all, been away from this blog for so long that I don’t know where to start. Well you can say that I’m kind of a ghost blogger now that come and goes as I only blog when I have the time. Well that’s ok as long as readers and fellow bloggers don’t take me as Reagan’s Ghost or something.

Well as I have some time and some energy left in me today, I like to share the biography of  the the famous painter known as Alphonse Mucha as well as these few awesome paintings from him.

Alphonse Mucha was born in 1860 in Ivancice, Moravia, Czech Republic. He studied art in Paris at the Academie Julian but it was only for two years as there was no supporting fund and he had to discontinue. He lived his life day by day drawing illustrations for magazines but in 1894 he was commission for a poster of actress Sarah Bernard and that made him famous. From that poster he was later busy doing commissions for commercial print advertising. His fame and fortune did not last long as war broke out and he was arrested when the German Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia. He was shortly released but died not long after in 1939.

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Lee Kuan Yew

Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore (June 5, 1951 to November 28, 1990)

Lee Kuan Yew was born in Singapore on September 16, 1923 to a wealthy Chinese family. As a boy, he excelled in his studies and demonstrated great potential. His political philosophy took root during the Japanese occupation of Singapore as he became aware that the nation deserved freedom from servitude and foreign domination. His ideas developed further in England where he mastered law study in the University of Cambridge and returned to Singapore in 1950.

Though he practiced law and established his own law firm he was always more interested in politics. In the 1950s he became acquainted with fellow English-educated middle-class men who shared his views and finally formed a political party, the People’s Action Party [PAP] in November 1954 when Lee became its secretary-general. When Singapore attained self-government from the British in 1959, Lee took up the first Prime Minister position.

Under Lee Kuan Yew’s office, Singapore enjoyed political stability and rapid economical growth. These are direct results of his ultimate authority, zeal for law and order, and effective policies. Known as the architect of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew served as the country’s Prime Minister until 1990 and has remained influential in the government of his successors up to date. It is not a stretch to say they he is the seminal figure with a business insights global view behind Singapore’s rise to what it is today: a financial and industrial powerhouse, one of the most developed countries in Asia, as well as a harmonious multiracial, multicultural society.

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