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When You’re Gone

Hi all, something funny just happened. As I was just about to write my post for today blog I heard this song coming out of Sam’s room. At first I was quite annoyed as Sam was playing it so loud and kept on re-playing it oven and over again, but then when I carefully listen […]

A frustrating day

I’m writing this post on my bed with Susan sleeping (just stopped crying) beside me. The kids are all at Rose’s placed and will be spending the night there until I pick them up tomorrow. It all started when we decided to celebrate Susan getting back to work again and to welcome Rose as a […]

Chinese paintings by Wu Guanzhong

I think I have so many things to do. The most important one is to re-schedule all meeting with potential clients to the morning session as I need to pick up Anne and the twins after school. My wife used to be the one but now that she’s working again, I guest I’ll have to […]