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“The Virgin”, “Giudtta”, “Hygieia” and many more

Hi all, continuing with yesterday’s post and I just found this great video from Youtube. It’s the paintings from the famous Gustav Klimt being put together and made into some kind of video. I really fancies it as many of the paintings are famous one and some was even featured by me before. There are […]

The Kiss

Hi all, I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and have been postponing it also. But I guess I ‘ll be and am doing it now as you are obviously reading it right? It all started as a special thanks to uncle Google (what my twins call them) for displaying and sending […]

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It’s 3:30pm in the afternoon Indonesian time and I just woke up from an unusual nap. I think its all because of the quiet house and big lunch I had with the kids that made me sleepy. Well that’s one nice afternoon nap, but I can see now that Susan has already came home from […]

Woman by Gustav Klimt

Today’s whether is not really friendly. It rained from I sat foot outside my home to work and it is still raining as I’m writing this entry . It’s not just the rain it’s also followed by strong wind blowing all day long and on my way back home I saw a tree fell. Luckily […]