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“The Scream”, “Evening on Karl Johan Street" and many more

Hi all. It’s been about a week since my last post and I’m glad that at last I’ve the time too write today. I’m so sorry to readers and fellow bloggers if I’ve not been around much too returned visit or do any commenting in the last few days. The tons off work and family […]


Sometimes wanting to fulfill an ambition you have to sacrifice not being around the ones you love most. That was what I thought Susan was feeling when she started working again. It was yesterday that Susan came home around half past eleven, after her first day working. When she reached home all the children were […]

Heart and Soul of …

Well not much is going on guys, except the weekend is coming. A few of my friends have round up a fishing adventure at sea and have asked me to come along. At that time I happily agreed but now I’m not quite sure. It’s not that I have any other plan this weekend but […]