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Biography of Popo Iskandar

Hi guys, I’m too tired to talk about anything right now. And I really need to get some sleep as tomorrow will be another big and busy day at the office. But I’ll not leave you guy empty handed, lol…..Coz here’s the biography and some paintings from a very famous painter to the likes of […]

Biography of Adrien Jean Le de Mayeur

Just a quick post guys as my internet line is not much to be desired about right now. And also we had to go and get the twins a new suit for tonite’s show and so I’ll leave you guys with these painting by Adrien Jean Le de Mayeur and his biography. Adrien Jean Le […]

Biography of Oscar Monet Claude

Oscar Monet Claude better known as Claude Monet was born in Paris on November 1840 and died in Giverny on December 1926. He was a brilliant painter and some of his artworks are priceless and kept in museums. He loves to paint scenery with countryside background with trees and where grasses grow freely. He also […]

Biography of Affandi

Well, what can i say. Some painters, paints what they see and feels. But some paint using their mind and heart. Affandi is the man behind this famous art work. This famous maestro was born in Cirbon, Jawa Barat in 1907. His work is always hunt  down by collectors all around the world . It’s […]