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Biography of Fernando Amorsolo

Fernando Amorsolo was born in 1892 in Paco, Philippines. He was considered one of the many important painters in the Philippine art history in the 20th century. One of his famous paintings was Leyendo el periodic which won second place in the Bazar Escolta, a contest organized by the Asociacion Internacional de Artistas. The next […]

Biography of Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse was born on 1869 France. He studied law in Paris from 1887 to 1888 but in 1891, when he was 21 years old he became ill and which was when he started painting and discovered his love for art. He then went to Paris to study art at the Académie Julian and then […]

Biography of Jack Vettriano

Hi all, now I would like to share with you guys the biography and paintings by the famous Jack Vettriano….enjoy !!! Jack Vettriano was born in 1953, Scotland. Vettriano actually left school at 16 to become an apprentice mining engineer He later become a mining engineer and worked in the Scottish coalfields. In his twenties […]

Biography of Arie Smit

Hi all, I seems that the entire merger meeting have not ended yet. Meeting seems to be held everyday since Monday and that really occupies my time. So I think this week will also be another dry spell for me blogging, but I have this to keep you guy occupied until I have the time […]