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Biography of Dao Quoc Huy (b.1971)

Hello all and welcome to the post edition of “fulfill promised”. This time I would like to feature a famous painter from Vietnam. He is non other then the famous Dao Quoc Huy. Here is his biography and his painting. Enjoy all…. Dao Quoc Huy was born 1971 in Vietnam. He graduated from the University […]

Biography of Takashi Murakami (b.1963)

Hello all and a happy Tuesday to all of you may today bring us all the happiness and joy that we all hope for in our lives. OK, back to today’s post edition and in my quest to write about different “as promise” famous artists from different countries, I’ve choose to feature this famous painter […]

Biography OF Kim Tschang-Yeul ( b.1929 )

Hello all and in this post edition “as promise” I’ve written about a new famous painter biography from a country which I’ve not feature before. He is none other than the famous painter from Korea name Kim Tschang_Yeul. Enjoy all….. Kim Tschang Yeul was born 1929 in Mangsan, Pyeongahnamdo, Korea. He graduated from the College […]

Biography Of Tan Juat Lee ( b.1953 )

Tan Juat Lee was born 1953 in multi-racial Singapore. After completing her BA ( Hons ) in Nanyang University of Singapore in 1976, she continued a fine art education at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore in 1987. A self-acknowledged romantic realist, she describes her pieces as Chinese Singaporean with a touch of the […]