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Biography of Huang Gang (b. 1961)


Hello all, I’ve just came from the mall with my family to get the stuff needed for my tomorrow’s college reunion party.  Actually I can’t wait to see all of my college friends again as I can still remember the fun we used to have together. During my college years I stayed in a dorm there […]

Biography Of Gong Lilong (b.1953)

Happy Saturday all and I really hope everyone will be having a blast this weekend. I know that I will be having one as I’ll be hosting my college classmate reunion here at home tomorrow. The last reunion we had was 2 years ago and that time we had so much fun that it ended […]

Biography Of Ye Yongqing (b.1958)

Hello again all and a happy Friday to all. Before I can enjoy the weekend, I need to find a logo designer for my job. Basically we already have a logo but the due to the merger that happened a few months back, the company decided that they wanted a new look to “represent” the […]

Biography Of Hamdan Omar

Hello all and again this is another post edition of “fulfill promised”. But I think this would be the last of the edition as office works have been catching up on me. And I really hate if I were to break a promise. As for this last “fulfill promised” edition I’ve chosen a special painting […]