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Hello all, been a while since I updated this blog and the reason is namely time. However, during the interval I had time to clean out the garage and it turned out I found a lot of photos of me as a child. Not just that I also found a picture of my mother and father. However, I am somewhat disappointed as the photos looked dull and gloomy. Remembering what the pictures bring and the memories of my fun childhood, I try to find a website that could help to improve and brighten the picture again to its former condition or even the one that can copy photos to cd. After a while of browsing the net at last I found a website that I’m sure can do a good job. . They are Scan Digital dot com and I think they’re the best at what they do and they really offer a complete service.

Not only that they do photo scanning, they also do negative, slide and album scanning. And if that’s not enough they also do video and film transfer. Their manual processing are that all photos are scanned and edit by hand. The quality of the work are assure as each image are reviewed by not one or two but by three technicians. The photo scanning process starts with cleaning individual photo with compressed air and a lint free cloth and picture are scanned using the highest quality equipment with each image is repair by highly skilled technicians cropping, rotation, color correction and red-eye removing them.

After all that is done the newly digitized images are either burned to CD, DVD or loaded to an external Hard Drive and shipped back to you. But the best thing is that by converting old photos to digital format, you are protecting your images against dust, decay, scratches and other damaging effects.



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