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Christmas and the New Year have past us by and only the Chinese New
Year holiday to look forward to. Yes, it will be on the 23rd this
month and that is like a week away. But by the look of how times fly,
I’m not surprise that some of my office Chinese friends celebrating
the holiday has already taken time off work to start or finished up on
preparing their house. Preparing the house for such a big event is
not easy as much planning and especially the design that have to be
really look into. I’ve even a friend who is so stress up and keeps
calling me up to ask for my opinion. I try to help with a few of my
likes and idea but what am I to say as I’m also not a house designer.
If only we’re living in UK I’ll surely recommend him to use the
service of as they are the best at what
they do. Their website allows the visitors to enter their address and
find a painters and decorators close to their home with just using a
search function. Now isn’t that easy and with a network of over 4,000
recommended tradesman across the UK to find you local companies ready and available to quote on your domestic or commercial painting and
decorating project. “Boy” isn’t that great too. So if you’re living in
the UK don’t hesitate to visit them as they are the best. But for now
I think I can just help my friend to decide on what color to paint on
the wall.

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