Modern Abstract At It’s Best

Hello all, like what you see? Like abstract style with vibrant colors? Well I do, I love it. This is what I call examples of modern abstract art at its best! And this is only a preview painting that will be display at his NYC Chelsea Show 2011 to come. Wondering who the artist is? He is non than the artist who loves classical music and Rioja wine, Dr Marko Stout. I wrote Dr as he really is one. Besides being a contemporary New York City artist he also holds a degree in medicine, biology and psychology with undergraduate studies in fine art. To see more of his abstract work, know more about him and to contact him you can visit the artist at Marko Stout website or better still if you could attend his show and meet him in person.


Back to the abstract painting, to me it’s not just the vibrant colors but it’s also the tone and lines that seems to be taking his abstract paintings to a new minimalist direction but still with a strikingly contemporary look. Maybe this is also due to the artist living in New Your and being influenced by its surroundings and energy. But most of all I love his abstract as they all seem to be rather very symbolic in nature like the above painting

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