Kofi Annan

annanSecretary General of the United Nations (January 1, 1977 to December 31, 2006)

Kofi Annan, the world’s prominent reformative figure, was the Secretary General of the United Nations who continuously strove terrorism in Africa and the Middle East. It all started in 1962 when 24 year old Annan joined World Health Organization, then later the United Nations working under the Secretary General.
Kofi Annan was born in Kumasi, Ghana on April 8, 1938 was just a regular student at the University of Science and Technology in his hometown, and later he received Master in Science degree from MIT.

After joining UN in 1962 he held various positions in many areas and received a number of special assignments including the repatriation of Western staffs and citizens from Iraq in 1990 after its invasion to Kuwait and with the hot weather in the Middle East Kofi Annan must have used a reliable air conditioner while negotiating with Baghdad for humanitarian cause. To state all of his accomplishments would take at least a few pages, but it would be fair to say that his main focus has always been in promoting peace. He did so by helping to mediate conflicts between other countries through peaceful negotiations.

As a man who greatly contributed to international peace and security, promoted the values of human right, equality and tolerance as well as strengthening the public confidence and faith in organization it is obvious that the impact he has made helps create a better world for the society to live in.

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