Happy 1st of July

Hi all today is already the 1st of July. I really hope that this month will be a much better month for all of us.

The month of June have been a month of ups and down month for me and have been really busy with work and family matters. Well that’s life right, so unlike one of those nitro RC Cars that can be depended on. Everybody wants a happy and joyful life but actually joy and happiness is what we make things to be. But I really have something to be happy and thankful in June as Ray and Roy (my twin children) have manage to get good grade and are able to enter a high school that is quite desirable and considered one of the best around. I’m really thankful to God for this blessing as my children education comes first before anything as I really want them to have a better life and future than me. “Oh” I almost forgot that there’s one more thing that really made me smile a few days back was when I realized that this blog have received a PR2. Although PR is not everything but it does give motivation to me to blog more. So for this new month of July my blogging mission is to write more and try to comment more on other blog.

What’s yours?

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