Nelson Mandela-Make Poverty History

mandelaPresident of South Africa (May 10, 1994 to June 14, 1999)

Look into the life of Nelson Mandela would tell us his stature as not only the first black President of South Africa who won the election in such a newly democratic society, but also an extraordinary survivor who had served 27 years in prison and still emerged as one of the most charismatic leaders who fought for peace and equality Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918. Early in his youth Nelson Mandela joined The African National Congress (ANC) as an activist. He then led the congress to adopt several campaigns for anti-apartheid cause. At that time in the late 1940s, the President of South Africa is that time heavily supported the apartheid policy of racial segregation, dictating black as inferior to the white people.. As a motion of resistance Mandela who was already the vice president of ANC, launched sabotage campaigns against the country’s economy and military. After years and years of increasing injustice, violence and repression from the government he realized that non-violent protests against Apartheid were not making any results. But because of it he was then charged with undermining allegation and was sentenced to jail by the government. Even after spending 27 grueling years in prison Nelson Mandela walked out still, still feeling as determined and committed as ever to bringing peace to the world. In the early 90s he led ANC and made possible the country’s first multi-racial elections. The impact was huge: the black majority now has the right to vote and I was thinking how great he would have look if he were to wear one of those glasses frames eye glasses when he was elected as the first black President of the nation. His amazing life story along with his charisma and perseverance after such harsh treatment would continue to move and inspire the world. Now he is the South Africa’s highest ambassador, a promoter of peace across the world, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and overall a remarkable leader.

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