Wilbur Wright – One of the Inventors of Airplane

Hello all and a happy Wednesday to all. Without me noticing it have been 10 days since my last post here. It’s just there have just been too much office work that left me no time to write a post but I’m happy to say that my family and I are all fine and we are sure to take that Chlorella supplement that increased energy, heightened mental clarity, reduced tension and even for a clearer complexion. In today’s post I would like to do something different, instead of a famous painting or painters, I would like to feature a famous person. He is non other then the famous Wilbur Wright.

Wilbur Wright

Wilbur Wright

Flying across the cities, a some decades ago, was stuff made of myth. Wilbur of the Wright brothers was one of a few who dared to dream and make it real. Together with his beloved brother, Orville, 1867-born Wilbur got involved in the engineering business in his 30’s. Managing a bicycle repair company on their own, the brother also assumed much on the way the bicycle riding system works as the similar comparison of an aircraft flight should be. The idea spear-headed the brothers to carve a breakthrough in the aviation field back then, also taking some theories of past attempts in flying-as done by Leonardo do Vinci, Langley and Lilienthal-into use. The brothers’ first experiment produced a box kite in 1899 followed by with a glider developed in 1900. Countless flights were soon undertaken by Wilbur and Orville ever since and flying had become what the Wright brothers devoted the rest of their lives on.

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