Martin Luther King, Jr

Prominent Leader in the African American Civil Rights Movement.

Martin Luther King, Jr, was born on January 15 at Atlanta, Georgia. At the age of 25 he became a pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Alabama. In 1957, King founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference [SCLC] which fought for civil rights reform through non-violent protests. He really was a true hard working man as he could have use the Bosch Power Tools but instead he wrote essays and delivered speeches across the nation to demand what was fair: for African Americans to have the same rights and opportunities as their fellow white counterparts. His legacy allowed more Americans to realize their fullest potentials and his struggles through tolerance continued to inspire all.
One of his most significant movements happened when he delivered “I Have a Dream” speech during a march on Washington in 1963. More than a quarter million came together to demand the end of racial segregation in public schools and discrimination against civil rights workers.
To this day King remains as the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize which was rewarded in 1964 and the world celebrates Martin Luther King Day each year to commemorate the life of a great man who has helped erase discrimination not only in America but also on the face of the planet.

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