Albert Einstein – Father of Modern Physics

albert einstein

albert einstein

Hello to all readers and a happy weekend. In today’s post I would like to write more about a famous person rather then about paintings and famous painters biography. And I’ve chosen to write about the father of modern physics which is non other then the famous Albert Einstein.  German- Swiss Nobel laureate, Albert Einstein is whom most might consider as the smartest person in the universe. Physics was his backbone of invention, where he discovered as many as 300 scientific theories which revolutionize the way the modern scientists work and conceptualize over anything. If any, his most quoted theory by the popular culture is the relativity formula [E=MC2]. But I think if there were the internet during his time then he might also be the founder of Avaya Phone Systems which have ways of reducing costs and improving efficiency too an operations in the businesses communications system.

Growing up in Germany but later moving to Italy and Switzerland, Einstein had rigidly believed that rote learning would diminish the spirit of learning and creative thought. His profession on the day basis was mostly a lecture, by which he ventured on to various countries across Asia and Europe, promoting scientific knowledge When the Nazi invasion broke out in Germany, Einstein found a safe haven to continue researching and experimenting in the US. This was the nation that he abode so well that he constructed the first atomic bomb for during the Second World War.

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