Last night my wife Susan and I were having this conversation about the getaway holiday we did last weekend and how the twins enjoyed it so much. Susan started talking about how wonderful it would be if there’s one of those canal boat holiday here like the one in Oxford and South Midlands. Susan also told me that one of her college friends have been there and was telling her about how there was even an Oxford Canal Boat Hire that we could use to take a ride down the canal. She also mentioned how organized their canal was and how wonderful the view was and that their historic industrial architecture and natural landscapes weaved beautifully across Birmingham to London.

As a matter of fact Susan was talking on and on until I fell asleep last night. Maybe the moral of the talk was that she wasn’t happy with the island holiday and prefers another location or adventure for a holiday. Well with Susan herself working now and with that extra cash in hand I think we could go some place nice soon. And I, for sure will talk it over with her the next time and not make it a surprise holiday like the island weekend as she was kind enough not to tell me straight to my face that she disliked my surprise vacation.. lol. But I’m sure it will not be an England vacation lol.

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