Marko Stout Abstract Paintings

Hello all and a happy Wednesday.

In today’s post edition I would like to write about Dr Marko Stout. Yes I’ve written about him and his abstract paintings before and you can read it HERE in case you missed it. Mark Stout is a very talented and gifted contemporary New York City artist and is eagerly awaiting his upcoming exhibit “The Cave” which is scheduled to open in New York in the autumn of 2011.

This is why I’ve decided to feature him here today to remind all readers of this date. And I also think you should check out Marko Stout’s website to get to know him better and of coz to check out more of his great abstract paintings. To me his abstract paintings are more philosophical and spiritual. His art and paintings are not only very innovative with an incredible force of energy flowing but it also reveal a range of emotions that is left open to the interpretations of the viewer and makes you want to examine the paintings over and over again as you will always be finding something new. His abstract also has that ability to capture the emotions of his subject and making it real.

So if you’re a lover of great abstract paintings, better still if you’re are in New York, do attend the exhibit and pamper yourself with the experience of his magnificent abstract painting and mixed media works..

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