Long Weekend With The Family

Happy Tuesday to all readers and fellow bloggers. The long weekend is over and now what’s left is the side effect. Boy, it sure felt like UK Short Breaks holidays or something though it was only for three days..;)

It’s ok, it’s not like I’m in any pain or anything. It’s just that the tiredness from all the traveling and fun things we did during the holidays seem doesn’t want to go away after such a wonderful bread. My family and I really enjoyed ourselves during the long weekend when we rented a small cottage at a nearby island here near Jakarta, where they offer boating and stuff and we had a full three days and two nights adventure there. Well I think that my twins were the ones most benefited by the get away holiday as they were running all over exploding the island. As for Sam he seems rather quiet and always seems be hanging on his mobile phone and laptop worried if his girlfriend might calls or stuff I think. Well that’s how I think ones are when in love right? And so I just let him be and play along with the twins. Overall it was a great getaway adventure for my family and me, getting away from all the hustle and bustle of the city.

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