It Pays To Be Friendly

Happy Friday all and I’ve just finished having lunch with the guys here from the office. As usual we had lunch at a small and cozy diner near the office. It was a usual lunch until an old colleague who used to work in the company stepped in. It was Jack and you can say that we’re kind of close friend while he was still working with me. Jack even used to have the same kind of job as me. Jack was already a senior employee when I just started working back then. And of coz people would expect us to be somehow of a rival in getting new clients but somehow Jack was always friendly and ready to give me a helping hand. I guess in my line of work not everything you learned from school matters but the patience and experience really count.

After lunch and as we were talking Jack showed me a photo of him and his wife. As a matter of fact they are now living in the UK and even bought a big and luxurious house there. Well all I can say is that as they had a stove that really looked like an antique. The fireplace really looks like the work of a leading contemporary designers and it really reflect the house’s trends interior decorations. I think Jack have really made a huge success there and am so happy for him. Well, with Jack’s friendly attitude I think he can make it big anywhere.

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