A Big Fat Bonus

Hello all and I’m now already back at the office after having lunch with the guys. But before I get back to work, I like to just write this quick post.

As you all might have known that after the big merger last November, the company I’m working at have really made significant changes like opening new office branches and hiring new staff. But the latest change must be the telecommunication system which was really re-install with the new model and latest technology which I haven’t even heard of.  Rumors have it that now the company is even looking for a new Web Design for our company’s website.  I think a good web design will definitely improve the company image and create more awareness to our range of products.

“Yes” with the change made to the communication system and opening new branches have brought in new clients to the company. Well I guess that with all the new clients the staffs will have more work to do, but if the company prospers than the staff will also benefit from it right? And I do hope there will be a big fat bonus waiting for the staffs in June. Well I guess June is still so far away, but a man can dream can’t he

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