Pound To Dollar

Just as I was about to call it a night, I received an email from Sam. Sam was a college classmate whom apparently is living abroad right now but to be exact, Canada. In his email he said that he will be coming to the reunion party as he will be back on the day itself. He also told me that actually he have heard about it long ago from a social network but could not decide weather he was able to come. However, yesterday he received an email from his client here in Indonesia about a meeting on Monday. And so why not come a day ahead and attend the reunion he told me. He also told me that he had to do some current-exchange from Pond to Dollar. Well I then told him to do what he need to do first but just make sure he come to the reunion party on Sunday as most of my closest friends from college have made a commitment to come. And that’s end of the conversation with Sam.

I really hope Sam can make it to the reunion as Sam was one of that wild kind of person that have always been the live of a party. Come on Sam, we’re counting on you to come.

Well as long as I’m already up and awake I might as well post some paintings right? Here are a few from the famous Wassily Kandinsky. Enjoy all…

Wassily Kandinsky_march

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Wassily Kandinsky_march

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