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Basoeki Abdullah- “My Fair Lady” and “Mother and Kid”

A master of realism, Basoeki Abdullah brings his horses to life in his paintings. Horses are visually powerful animals that symbolize nature at its most magnificent with its speed, virility and nobility. The horse has a special seat in history, often prized and revered by various cultures. Horses are by far one of the most […]

Ye Yongqing – Mix Media Work

Hello all and a happy Saturday.This is a continuation of yesterday’s post and am glad to say I’ve kept one more promise to write today. So I’ll start writing now as I really have to go to the mall to get Ray and Roy (my twin children) some rab clothing as they are having a […]

Japan hit by an earthquake and tsunami

Hello all, this is not a schedule post as I actually have another post that I intend to publish. But as you all might know a tragedy had recently hit Japan. To be precise it is an earthquake and a tsunami. I’ve this video to share about what happened in Japan and hope this helps. […]

Biography Of Ye Yongqing (b.1958)

Hello again all and a happy Friday to all. Before I can enjoy the weekend, I need to find a logo designer for my job. Basically we already have a logo but the due to the merger that happened a few months back, the company decided that they wanted a new look to “represent” the […]