Biography of Huang Gang (b. 1961)


Hello all, I’ve just came from the mall with my family to get the stuff needed for my tomorrow’s college reunion party.  Actually I
can’t wait to see all of my college friends again as I can still remember the fun we used to have together.

During my college years I stayed in a dorm there was where my friends and I had much fun. Of course during that time there was no internet and at night we usually play cards, board games and even bingo. I think the kids now are lucky as they can play cards and boards game with their computer and even play bingo at a lot of bingo sites online. Well time has change but I wouldn’t trade in all the fun I had with my friends even for the internet …lol.. And maybe that shows just how much I miss my school friend and can’t wait to see them tomorrow!

Anyway, getting back to today’s post I’ve chosen to feature another artist from China, Huang Gang . Enjoy all….

Huang Gang, a Master Degree graduate of the China Central Academy of Art & Design, was born in 1961 in Beijing, China.  His Tibetan culture fascination and the violent times that he lived through during the Cultural Revolution have influenced much of his mixed media works in both his western and eastern elements. Huang Gang works have been exhibited all around the world namely USA, Singapore, France, New Mexico, China, Korea, Switzerland.


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