Biography Of Gong Lilong (b.1953)

Happy Saturday all and I really hope everyone will be having a blast this weekend. I know that I will be having one as I’ll be hosting my college classmate reunion here at home tomorrow. The last reunion we had was 2 years ago and that time we had so much fun that it ended till midnight. But I think I will need to do some shopping first as I’ll have to get some nice sparkling Cutlery set to match along our existing tableware items. Got to impress the mates eh? Now while I browse online for it, I’ll leave you all with the biography another famous painter and a few of his famous artwork. Enjoy all.

Gong Lilong was born 1953 in the city of Dalian in China. In 1982 he graduated from the department of Oil painting at Luxun Fine Art Academy and is currently the Vice-president at the Fine Artist Institute of Shenyang province. A member of Fine Art Institute of China, Gong Lilong has taken part in numerous exhibitions in China as well as overseas.

Charming and handsome-featured as well as full-figured Chinese folks or couples engaged in play, dance or displays of affection tend to be his style of work as you can see from his paintings below..


Intimacy - click to enlarge

Loving Couple

Loving Couple - click to enlarge

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