Biography Of Catur Binaprasetyo (b.1973)

Just as I’ve predicted, the meeting ended just about lunch time and now I’m at my desk ready to start on those tons of paperwork after having lunch with the guys. However, before I start, I just like to say that today’s meeting seemed like a pleasant one. Surprisingly, it was not about about the report and strategy the company is expecting but it was about the recent earthquake. It all started at the end of the meeting session when our manager welcomed and introduce us to a Mr. Kent. But our manager insisted that we call him Dr Planning as he will be the one planning all the changes to the company’s disaster recovery program, I really hope the new program will be of benefit to us all. Well I think I better start doing my work now and I’ll leave you guy with this famous Indonesian artist biography. Enjoy all….

Catur Binaprasetyo was born in Wonogiri, Indonesia in the year 1973. Catur is a graduate from the well reputated Institut Seni Indonesia in Yogyakarta. In 2006 he held his first successful solo exhibition entitle Kota Fantasia (Fantasy City). After which was followed by several group exhibition held in international countries like Japan, Sweden, Singapore and Thailand. Catur did not only hold solo and group exhibition but he also entered several international art competition in which in 1995 he won first Prize at the Australian-Indonesian Golden Friendship Art Competition and the “Warrior Of Spain Golden Medal” in Peru. Catur Binaprasetyo didn’t just stop there but continue his award winning campaign and in 2003 he won the Indofood Art Award just after receiving the ASEAN Art Award in Singapore in 2000.

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