Basoeki Abdullah- “My Fair Lady” and “Mother and Kid”

A master of realism, Basoeki Abdullah brings his horses to life in his paintings. Horses are visually powerful animals that symbolize nature at its most magnificent with its speed, virility and nobility.

The horse has a special seat in history, often prized and revered by various cultures. Horses are by far one of the most important animals that have contributed to the development of human civilization.

The independent free spirit of the horse is captured in “My Fair Lady” in full gallop through a misty setting. The raw power the horse’s musculature and the atmospheric rendering of the action make this awe-inspiring work by the late master. There is a dream–like quality to “My Fair Lady” and the horses seemed mythical in depiction with a otherworldly spectral of slender maiden in their midst.

My Fair Lady

In comparison, “Mother and Kid” is a touching representation of a mare and her baby at ease in nature. Traditionally,”Mother and Kid” painting celebrate the bond of the maternal figure to her offspring, and here we see a powerful maternal figure seemingly preparing her child for its new adventure in the big wide world as represented by the spacious plains and the mountain scenery.

Mother and Kid
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