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Michelangelo Buonarroti The Artist

Today my wife told me about a phone call she received. It was from her former boss from the TV (my wife used to be a TV spokeswoman) network. She told me that she was offered her previous job as they needed an experienced reporter as the recent one is taking an extended maternity leave. […]

Woman by Gustav Klimt

Today’s whether is not really friendly. It rained from I sat foot outside my home to work and it is still raining as I’m writing this entry . It’s not just the rain it’s also followed by strong wind blowing all day long and on my way back home I saw a tree fell. Luckily […]

The wrestling match

Today Ray and Roy (twins) decided to have a wrestling match. It all started because of a silly report card which Roy got an A+ while Ray had a B-. Roy decided to show me the report as I’ve promise that whoever received an A+ 3 times in a row will get extra allowances for […]

Music Monday: I Want to Rock (Twisted Sisters)

Happy Monday all! Enjoy your weekend? Coz I sure did as I had a fun time with my family at the beach. I know its Monday again but how is the weekend possible without a Monday? Ok lets just enjoy our Monday as much as we can and here I have pick up a few […]