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Keep smiling

Hi all, I’ve just came home from work and after fetching the twins home after school. It’s the usual day at work with lots of paperwork, meeting client and office meeting. But at least the weather is a lot friendlier then yesterday. “Oh yes” talking about the weather, to all my readers and fellow blogger […]

“The Scream”, “Evening on Karl Johan Street" and many more

Hi all. It’s been about a week since my last post and I’m glad that at last I’ve the time too write today. I’m so sorry to readers and fellow bloggers if I’ve not been around much too returned visit or do any commenting in the last few days. The tons off work and family […]

Music Monday: What a wonderful world

Hi all, another weekend just passed us by but I’m not gonna say I’m sad as I had a wonderful weekend with my family. And now Monday comes with a new week fill with hidden secret and mystery. Well that’s for all of us to find out right? And when Monday comes then it’s time […]

For The Fanatic

Hi all, I’ve been getting emails and comments from fellow bloggers and readers wanting me to feature more on Claude Monet. I know there are a lot of Monet lovers out there and just can’t get enough of his paintings but Claude Monet have hundreds of paintings and it’s just not possible for me to […]