Another Blunder

Hi all, so sorry as it have been another slow and dry blogging week for me. So many things to do and too little time in a day is all I can say.

The signing of the company’s merger papers on Friday the 26th was quite pleasant and there was a banquet after that and I get to meet many important decision makers and famous names which I only usually either only heard of or see on TV. On Saturday the 27th was the twin’s birthday and as usual, it’s a full day at Anchol (a local resort) and yesterday was our nephew wedding day.

Wow, it’s like a full three days adventure non stop (if I might say) and today it’s back to the office again with a new environment, with a meeting held early in the morning. I think I’ll save the meeting result the next time I have the time to write as I’m really tired and have to be fresh tomorrow at work. So I think I better hit the sack now and so sorry guys as I won’t be posting any painters biography or painting in this post. I’ll try to do more posts when I get the chance. Until then ..

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