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Another Blunder

Hi all, so sorry as it have been another slow and dry blogging week for me. So many things to do and too little time in a day is all I can say. The signing of the company’s merger papers on Friday the 26th was quite pleasant and there was a banquet after that and […]

When You’re Gone

Hi all, something funny just happened. As I was just about to write my post for today blog I heard this song coming out of Sam’s room. At first I was quite annoyed as Sam was playing it so loud and kept on re-playing it oven and over again, but then when I carefully listen […]

Music Monday : Ronan Keating – If Tomorrow Never Comes

Hi all, it’s Monday again and it’s MM (Music Monday) time. Usually I would feel terrible when Monday comes, but not this time as I’ve had the best weekend ever with my loved (family) ones.. Actually we did nothing special as we only went to the nearby park for a family picnic on Saturday and […]

Slow But Sure

Hi all, I’m so happy now that Susan is back and everything is slowly but surely getting back to normal again. I’ve picked her up at the airport yesterday and was to my relief to see her safe and well. Now the only thing that I‘ve to worry about is what it would be like […]