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Get Paid Blogging

Hi guys, I’ve been trying to sleep but my mind keeps wandering off about tomorrow’s big meeting. If you have been following my blog then you should have know by now how important tomorrow’s meeting will be for the company and its future. Although the chances are that the merger is really gonna happens but […]

Biography of Popo Iskandar

Hi guys, I’m too tired to talk about anything right now. And I really need to get some sleep as tomorrow will be another big and busy day at the office. But I’ll not leave you guy empty handed, lol…..Coz here’s the biography and some paintings from a very famous painter to the likes of […]

Music Monday : Hotel California by the Eagle

Without me noticing and realizing, it had been five days since my last post in this blog. And that was not all really intentional but it’s due to all of my office work lately. I even had to work yesterday which I don’t usually do, as I rarely work on the weekend. I guess it’s […]

A Busy Week

Hello guys. Latest update is that it has been a very busy new week. Yes the merger between the company I’m working in and the company in the US is really happening. I’ve been attending meeting for the last two days and will still be having them again tomorrow and the day after. If all […]