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It’s a beautiful bright Sunday morning, had breakfast with the family a couple hours ago. Susan had gone to work, the children are all out somewhere and I’m left all alone again in the house on a beautiful Sunday morning. Well this kind of thing is suddenly becoming a usual thing as the kids are bigger now and seems to have their own things to do. I might as well face it and maybe next weekend I’ll plan on what to do. But it’s not all that bad as the weekend is not always about going somewhere or doing something, but its about relaxing and for me after all the office days I’ll be glad just to sit on the lazy sofa and put my leg on the coffee table.

I think with everyone doing their own things I might as well finish up uploading some photo image which I’ve been doing when I have some spare time. And guys, if you are looking for a site to upload image you can use Monopic free image hosting service is a free photo upload center and once you’re a member you’re allowed to upload your personal private image and even create a gallery and share with your friends. Just register and start making your own online photo album.


Ok, now I’ll start uploading mine and while I’m doing that I leave you guys with this painting by Popo Iskandar and his biography….Happy Sunday!

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