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Biography of Arie Smit

Hi all, I seems that the entire merger meeting have not ended yet. Meeting seems to be held everyday since Monday and that really occupies my time. So I think this week will also be another dry spell for me blogging, but I have this to keep you guy occupied until I have the time […]

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It’s a beautiful bright Sunday morning, had breakfast with the family a couple hours ago. Susan had gone to work, the children are all out somewhere and I’m left all alone again in the house on a beautiful Sunday morning. Well this kind of thing is suddenly becoming a usual thing as the kids are […]

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It’s 3:30pm in the afternoon Indonesian time and I just woke up from an unusual nap. I think its all because of the quiet house and big lunch I had with the kids that made me sleepy. Well that’s one nice afternoon nap, but I can see now that Susan has already came home from […]

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The weekend is here guys and I do hope you enjoy your weekend. As for me I think I’m just gonna spend this weekend at home with the family after a busy week of endless paper work and meeting. But I’m rather kind of relief as all that is behind now and yesterday big merger […]