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Bali’s Life By Willem Gerard Hofker

I’m happy to say that everything is headed in the right direction. I’ve rescheduled all meeting for next week to the morning and renovation the library into a bedroom is almost done. I’ve to thank my nephew for that coz he’s the one (with some friends) that moved all the shelves, furniture and books and […]

Chinese paintings by Wu Guanzhong

I think I have so many things to do. The most important one is to re-schedule all meeting with potential clients to the morning session as I need to pick up Anne and the twins after school. My wife used to be the one but now that she’s working again, I guest I’ll have to […]

Chinese Art by Lin Feng Mian

Today I had half day leave at work coz my I had to accompany my wife to the TV network as I’ve mentioned in yesterday’s post. We decided to met there around 2pm as it would be such a long journey for me if I had to go home and picked her up first as […]

Michelangelo Buonarroti The Artist

Today my wife told me about a phone call she received. It was from her former boss from the TV (my wife used to be a TV spokeswoman) network. She told me that she was offered her previous job as they needed an experienced reporter as the recent one is taking an extended maternity leave. […]