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Sometimes wanting to fulfill an ambition you have to sacrifice not being around the ones you love most. That was what I thought Susan was feeling when she started working again. It was yesterday that Susan came home around half past eleven, after her first day working. When she reached home all the children were […]

The screamed

I’ve just finished having dinner with my children and they are now all busy doing their school homework. As you all might have known, Susan have started working (read previous post) again and that left me and the children until she returned around 11 pm. Rose is already in her room resting (watching TV) after […]

Awesome breakfast

Today’s breakfast was awesome. I think that was what Susan (my wife) and Rose (new housekeeper) had in mind when they prepared the breakfast. It has been a long time since we had so many food for breakfast. There was so much food on the table that even the twins (known to have the biggest […]

Music Monday: I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)

All things are just about done. I’ve finished painting the housekeeper bed room, vacuumed the carpet and cleaning the closet. Earlier this morning Susan and I interviewed this nice and friendly woman named Rose sent by the agency. I don’t know why but the both of us seemed to like this Rose. The way she […]