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Beautiful Paintings by Lee Man Fong

I’m not a collector of painting but i do love looking at it., tough  the price itself scare me. So all i could do is browse around looking and finding information about it and this is a few painting by Lee Man Fong that i really like ( to own ). this three painting are […]

Biography oF Lin Feng Mian

Today I would like to write about the biography of famous painter named Lin Feng Mian. Lin Feng Mian was born in Guangdong, China in 1900 and died in 1991. In his early twenties he spent most of his time in France where he studied art but he later returned to China to be a […]

Biography of Wu Guanzhong

Wu Guanzhong was born on 1919 in Yixing, China. In 1936 Wu enrolled in the National Arts Academy of Hangzhou, studying Chinese and Western painting. Later in 1947, Wu traveled to Paris to study modern art at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts on a government scholarship. Wu was greatly inspired by French Impressionist […]

Biography of Willem Gerard Hofker

Willem Gerard Hofker was born on 1902 in Amsterdam, and passed away on 1981. Previous education was from the Academy of Fine Arts In The Hague and at the Rijksacademie (National Academy) in Amsterdam. Aside learning from school, he was once a student from Willem Witsen (1860-1923) and Isaac Israel. (1865-1934). Hofker first visited Bali […]